p.pngpoxoq for patents
for an extremely fast and reliable patent download

Product details - Highlights

poxoq Free download of more than 70 million documents from the Open Patent Services (web service) of the European Patent Office info 1
poxoq Search and download of patent documents by publication number in PDF format
poxoq Convenient analysis of the PDF documents with the help of bookmarks
poxoq Fast and easy download of hundreds of pages within seconds
poxoq No size limitation - even with very large patent documents which can't be downloaded from Espacenet
poxoq Unlimited number of patent documents retrievable in each download session
poxoq Separate download of PDF document sections: download of either the full document or only its abstract, as well as its description, claims, drawings, its search report and amendments, separately or in a suitable combination
poxoq Preview of document parts available for download
poxoq Option of downloading the Inpadoc family for any document either automatically or at any given time info 2
poxoq Choice of automatic download according to your preferred settings and targeted manual download
poxoq Targeted download specifying exact publication codes
poxoq Country code specific prioritisation of either granted patents or patent applications for major patent countries
poxoq Option of downloading other publication levels of a document or other members of the Inpadoc family at any time
poxoq Automatic conversion of the most common patent number formats (from STN, Dialog, Epoque) into OPS compatible formats
poxoq Help for correct formatting of patent numbers info 3
poxoq Automatic search for corresponding JP-B publication number when the requested JP-A is not available
poxoq Hyperlink to corresponding Esp@cenet web pages for every requested document
poxoq Sub-directory system for personalised storage structure of downloaded documents
poxoq Batch download, with the option of adding documents to older batches, as well as labelling individually
poxoq Easy installation and automatic update system