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User's manual
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About EPO/OPS authentication


The EPO has introduced, starting November 2013, an authentication procedure for accessing OPS data based on the Fair use charter. Registered OPS users are granted free access to volumes of data up to currently 4 GB per week. Registered OPS users willing to pay for more substantial volumes of data can apply for access to higher volumes of data. Upon submission of registration details and approval of the registration request by the EPO, the EPO credentials ('Consumer Key' and 'Consumer Secret Key') will be generated.
Non-registered access is no longer possible. As long as no credentials (personal or provided by your administrator) are set, ‘poxoq for patents’ functions with its own credentials, making e.g. possible to evaluate the software without having to apply for credentials at the EPO. These evaluation credentials, however, only allow a limited download of 10 pages per PDF document.

1) Submit your EPO registration at https://developers.epo.org/user/register
2) Wait for the EPO confirmation email
3) Log in at https://developers.epo.org/user/login
4) Click on 'MyApps', then on 'Add a new app', give it a name and click on 'Create App'
5) Once created click on the app name; your credentials ('Consumer Key' and 'Consumer Secret Key') will be displayed
6) Start 'poxoq for patents', click on the menu 'Extras - EPO/OPS Authentication' and enter these keys. Please note, that your administrator can pre-set these keys (see User's Manual) and thereby disable personal authentication functions.

PDF download limited because of license restrictions
'poxoq for patents' is installed with an ‘evaluation license’, giving access to all features and functions, limiting, however, the download to 10 pages per PDF document. For unlimited download, you will need a ‘standard license’. For further details see licensing page.