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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
Licensing | EPO/OPS authentication / Registration procedure | Download and system requirements

Frequently asked questions
Do I need a license?
poxoq for patents is installed with an 'evaluation license', giving access to all features and functions, limiting, however, the download to 10 pages per PDF document. For unlimited download, you will need a 'standard license'.

How much does a standard license cost?
You can choose between the following one-year license packages (one license is intended for one user/ device):

Single license: 150 CHF
Pack of 5 licenses: 600 CHF (save 20%)
Pack of 10 licenses: 1'050 CHF (save 30%)
Pack of 25 licenses: 2'060 CHF (save 45%)
Pack of 50 licenses: 3'375 CHF (save 55%)
Site license: 5'250 CHF (save more)

How can I order a standard license?
The easiest way to order a license is directly from poxoq for patents under 'Extras / Product license'. Alternatively, you can also order a license via the ordering page on our website.

Can I use the same product key for more than one installation?
Yes. You can order more than one license for the same product key. This gives you the possibility to profit from volume discounts. In addition it facilitates the work of system administrators (product keys can be set by an administrator; see user's manual).

Frequently askes questions What do I have to do if I already have a product key and want to use it for more users?
You can order more than one license for the same product key at any time. The easiest way is directly from poxoq for patents under 'Extras / Product license'. Alternatively, you can order additional licenses via the ordering page. The additional license fees will be calculated pro rata to the end of the licensing period.

Can the licensing procedure be supervised by an administrator?
Yes. Product keys can be centrally set by an administrator for as many users/ devices as licenses have been purchased (see user's manual).

How about updates?
poxoq will maintain the proper functioning of the software and will therefore release updated versions, e.g. if the EPO decides to change the technical specifications of the OPS interface. By default new versions will be announced within the application and installed automatically after the user has agreed to this. Please note that the update installation functionality can be restricted by your system administrators (see user's manual).

EPO/OPS authentication / Registration procedure
Why do I need to register at the European Patent Office (EPO)?
poxoq for patents retrieves documents via the EPO data interface called OPS (Open Patent Server). The EPO has introduced, as of November 2013, an authentication procedure based on the Fair use charter. Only users/organizations registered at the EPO are granted full access to the OPS data. That's why you or your organization needs to register at the EPO. The use of poxoq for patents without registration is very limited.
Registered OPS users are granted free access to volumes of data up to currently 4 GB per week. Registered OPS users willing to pay for more substantial volumes of data can apply for access to higher volumes of data.

How do I register at the EPO?
1) Submit your EPO registration at https://developers.epo.org/user/register
2) Wait for the EPO confirmation email
3) Log in at https://developers.epo.org/user/login
4) Click on 'MyApps', then on 'Add a new app', give it a name and click on 'Create App'
5) Once created, click on the app name; your credentials ('Consumer Key' and 'Consumer Secret Key') will be displayed

How do I use my EPO credentials?
Upon submission of registration details and approval of the registration request by the EPO, the EPO credentials ('Consumer Key' and 'Consumer Secret Key') will be generated (see above).
Start poxoq for patents, click on the menu 'Extras - EPO/OPS Authentication' and enter these keys.
Please note that your administrator can pre-set these keys (see user's manual) and thereby disable personal authentication functions.

Can I use poxoq for patents without registration?
Yes, to some extent. As long as no credentials (personal or provided by your administrator) are set, poxoq for patents functions with its own credentials, making e.g. possible to evaluate the software without having to apply for credentials at the EPO. These evaluation credentials, however, only allow a limited download of 10 pages per PDF document.

Download and system requirements
Where can I download poxoq for patents?
You can download poxoq for patents either as EXE or as ZIP setup file on our Get started page.
The downloaded EXE file can directly be executed in order to start the installation procedure. However, if your system settings do not allow downloading EXE files, you should need to use the ZIP version which contains the same EXE file.

What are the system requirements?
Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10
.NET Framework 4.5 or higher

Do I need to download another poxoq for patents after having upgraded to the 'standard license'?
No, your license will be upgraded in the background and the installed version of poxoq for patents will continue to work normally.

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