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Order a license Each installation of poxoq for patents runs with a 'product key' representing the number of licenses purchased by your organization.

If you have already purchased licenses and want to add more, please enter your existing 'product key' below. If you order for the first time, you can also choose the first option below and you will receive a new 'product key' after completing your order.

However, the easiest way to order licenses is directly from the poxoq for patents application under 'Extras / Product license'. There you can also find your current 'product key' and replace it by another one (if you chose the first option below or if you ordered multiple licenses and have to enter the respective 'product key' for these users).

For available packs, prices and other details about licensing visit our FAQ page.

System administrators might also be interested in the built-in options to ease the administration of 'product keys' within an organization as described in the user's manual.

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